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This program is evidence-based research developed by the Women’s Health Research Team at VinUniversity in collaboration with the Women’s Wellness Research Collaborative from Australia. The program is working closely with VinUni-Illnois Smart Health Center to develop an iCanManage smart app for women after cancer.

Highlights Of Our Programs

AI integration

AI system developed from a real data set allows the research team to provide better recommendations for people living with and beyond cancer


An individually tailored program will be offered for people with cancer, which supports them in managing their symptoms and improving other health issues they are struggling with

Internet-based intervention

Adaptable, responsive, and lightning-fast websites and mobile application that are simple to update for each client’s specific needs

Healthy lifestyle promotion

The program aims to promote healthy behaviors and a healthy lifestyle for people living with and beyond cancer.

Symptom management

Support women in monitoring their symptom with a subsequent caring plan for symptom management