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CWP members meet Professor Debra Anderson from the University of Technology Sydney


In mid-October, teachers and students from the College of Health Sciences, VinUniversity were honored to meet and greet Professor Debra Anderson from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

"I am so delighted at what I am seeing here at VinUniversity because I think what you need to do is to keep on doing what you're doing."
Dr. Debra Anderson

"Tôi rất mừng khi thấy những gì các bạn đang làm ở VinUni, và tôi nghĩ các bạn nên tiếp tục làm những thứ đó vì các bạn đang làm rất tốt rồi."
TS. Debra Anderson

Professor Debra Anderson has had many years of experience in medical research, women’s health promotion projects and is particularly interested in nursing education programs.


She had a close discussion with VinUni students and lecturers to help students understand more about the field of healthcare, especially Nursing, and provide guidance for students and lecturers regarding some difficulties that they are encountering or have encountered in the future, especially those related to Nursing.


The Cancer Wellness Program project is also inspired by the programs on women’s health promotion that Ms. Debra is working on. The CWP Vietnam team always tries to learn from the latest research, and update newest effective solutions to help improve the health of women in cancer.


The meeting with Professor Debra Anderson left many positive impressions and lessons for VinUni students and lecturers, especially us – people working on the CWP project to help develop the project and bring great value to the community.

Article written by Nguyễn Thị Thuý Ngần